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What makes us roar

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About Us

A little more than 10 years ago, Green Panther was founded by Chaim. Epicurean and adventurer, after living in India and Australia and cofounding Prana, he was eager to create another project to disrupt the restaurant industry. To make a real difference in people's health and do good for the planet.


How do you create positive and lasting habits? Start with food:

  • organic ingredients

  • no pesticides and no chemicals

  • minimal compostable packaging and 0 waste options

  • non-industrial recipes made by humans

Naturally inspired by his travels and by world cuisine, our menu is an urban blend of Mediterranean and comfort food. Green Panther’s goal is to continue being an inclusive employer and continually develop more sustainable ways of providing delicious, affordable, ethical food for people to enjoy in urban environments.

Come eat and reduce your carbon footprint with us!


What's important for us

Surfing the covid wave

During these challenging times, we stay committed to our promise of providing our guests with the cleanest most ethical source of nutrition. 


We’re taking all the necessary steps to assure the safety of our staff and patrons and will keep on serving our community through deliveries. We’re so very grateful for all your loyal support received through this Covida Loca.

Feel good inside out

Everyone is saying it, even the Canadian food guide, as well as the heart doctors, to live young, healthy and sexy, plant-based nutrition is key! 

The latest Canadian food guide has given us all something new to chew on, it is now officially recognized that plant-based nutrition is as good for your body as it is for our planet.

Our entire menu is plant based and always will be. By supporting us you are also supporting the idea that we can do things better and we can have a real impact on the environment. 

Organic and local

We put your money where your mouth is.


Prioritizing organic foods and opting for local to minimize our #foodprint and serve you with the most ethically delicious grub one can ever ask for.


Have the care about what's in your plate. We are using local as much as possible and we definitely keep the GMOs out of our creations. Our team cuts, slice and spice in-house on the daily because food tastes better when it’s made fresh. 

Come as you are

We strive to make people from all walks of life feel welcome in our spaces.


Whether you are a toddler who just started eating solids, a Business Woman, a soccer Dad, or simply trying to score points with your Tinder date with a great take out. 

We got your back!  



We carefully select all of our our packaging and accessories.

Here are some particularities.


To minimize our and your waste, a large portion of our products are available in Mason Jars. Simply bring back your jar, cover and ring all cleaned up and get 1$.

mason 3 pieces.jpg


Jar >

< Ring

< Cover


The majority of our to-go packaging items are compostable.

verre paille napkin.jpg

< Compostable


< Compostable


< Napkin non bleached made

of post consumer fibers

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