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Why join us?

From day one, The Green Panther, committed to become a different kind of restaurant. Our mission is to provide delicious and affordable clean food, as well as inspire sustainable choices.


With the help of our community, we want to make a real impact in people’s lives and environment. We are known for our famous falafel, but also for our progressive and responsible practices in terms of packaging and collaborative management.

Our friendly staff genuinely connects with our customers, takes pride in presenting our products and has the capacity to laugh it out – even when things don’t go as planned. We They motivate and inspire each other. Even more now as we are evolving and adapting to the new reality.


We want to make a positive imprint in the day of our customer, knowing we are reducing our carbon footprint, and knowing everyone is welcome to come to our space to relax, eat a satisfying meal and discuss how we can make the world better. If you are a positive, responsible, detail-oriented person who wants to make an impact, we want to meet you.

We are looking for talented individuals to be a part of our diversified and inclusive jungle. 


  • Comprehensive training

  • Discounts on food and grocery items

  • Possibilities to grow and evolve within the company

  • Experience in the fast growing field of plant based foods

Available positions:

Join the Tribe:

If you’d be interested to join the Green Panther tribe you can send us a letter of interest along with your resume here:

We want to know you

(max. 50 words each, send as your cover letter)

  1. Tell us why you want to work for The Green Panther?

  2. Have you ever heard of us before, if so, please tell us about it.

  3. Describe a challenge you have faced in your past work and what you have learned from it?

  4. Tell us about one of your qualities and how it applies to this position. 

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